1)   Between matches,  clips must be out of the guns and the barrel must be empty. NO FIRING BETWEEN ROUNDS. (Except in designated chronograph area)

Gearing Up


2)   NO moving obstacles or closing doors/trapdoors.  Leave EVERYTHING as you found it.

3)   NO climbing anything. Unless there is an inclined ramp in place to get you to the top, you are not allowed to climb it.

4)   Airsoft is a game of honesty and integrity.  If you are hit, please admit it, put both hands up and walk to the safe zone.  If you are caught cheating, or the referee says that they saw you were hit, you are out for the round.  If cheating persists, you may be kicked off of the course.

5)   The mercy rule in place is to be used at the shooters’ discretion. MERCY RULE: if you are within 10 feet of a person and you have a 100% chance of hitting them, call a mercy. That player must then silently call themselves out. As well, If both people shoot at each other from close range, and there is any confusion about who hit who, they are both out.

6)   Eye Protection must be worn at all times within course boundaries. If you do not have eye protection, we can loan you a mask to use at no charge.

7)   Any guns brought to the airsoft course must be equal or less than 400 fps and under 1.48 joules. Please get your guns chronographed before you play.

8)   Blind firing is NOT permitted.

9)   Ricochets DO NOT count.

10)  Gun hits DO COUNT.

11)  Only players  and referees involved in the round are allowed on the playing field.

12)  Dead men don’t talk. If you’ve been hit,  communicating with teammates is not allowed, you may only say “HIT” while returning to the spawn area. You can talk again once you’re back in the game.

13) You must be 10 or older to play on the course. Anyone under 18 is required to have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.