Atomics Anonymous: A Guide


Welcome to the wasteland. Your objective: survive, bring order to the wasteland and amass caps to become the wealthiest settler in the wasteland. You are invited to help pioneer the future of the wasteland. Four factions have been established in the Polluted Prairies, each with their own base, capitalizing on the resources they’ve found. These are the food merchants, the drug dealers, the water merchants and the gun runners. You are tasked with establishing links between the bases, trading and selling resources to acquire wealth and helping the locals with various quests along the way. You will encounter dangers such as feral fools, haters, irradiated prairie straw and cursed objects. To aid in your survival are health packs, magical items, the local gun market and most importantly, fellow settlers looking to keep a peaceful, economical wasteland thriving! So make money, make friends and make a name for yourself in the Polluted Prairies:)


These rules are the base rules for Malt sellers, Wastelanders and lone wanderers.
Additional instructions will be revealed through gameplay in the form of quests and perks. If there is any confusion over technicalities as gameplay progresses, please give the other player the benefit of the doubt, remember, it’s just for fun:)

Death in the wasteland:

1. When a player dies, they are required to locate the player who killed them and allow them to guess what they are carrying. If correct, they hand a resource, small item or quest item over to the player who killed them. The killer has one chance to guess what’s in their bag. The acronym for what to do upon death is…

Find your killer
Allow them to guess what you have
If correct, hand the item or resource over to them.
If incorrect, apologize and…

Remember: be F.A.I.I.R

2. The killer may yell ‘Drop’ before you find and meet them. This means you must drop a resource on the ground before respawning. If you don’t have a resource, simply yell OUT and head back to Respawn.
3. If you can’t locate your killer after at least 20 seconds of looking, simply drop a resource on the ground if you have at least one.
4. If the killer is shot before you get there or before he asks the question, drop a resource, then head back to the Respawn.
5.Unless you have no resources or have a specific perk, you will ALWAYS lose a resource or quest item upon death. Never caps or guns.
6. Allow the killer to make a general guess about what you have. If he guesses resource, give him a resource. If he guesses something that he can see you carrying, hand it to him. If, for example, you have a turkey in your backpack, general terms such as ‘bird’, ‘animal’ or even ‘chicken’ can be used to correctly guess what you have. Allow the guess if it seems they have an idea about what you’re carrying. In turn, people will be forgiving with you.
7. If you are carrying a large item( any item that does not have a tag and is too large to fit in a backpack), drop the item and head back to Respawn.
8. Never drop a quest item(any item with a tag)


1. Many quest items will come with tags and you may also find perk tags on their own. These may have special instructions to allow you powers or even curse you.
2. Please follow the instructions on a tag if you find them. You may end up with multiple tags as long as the instructions allow them.
3. Tags must be worn around your neck and must be worn if they’re in your possession.
4. If a tag comes with an item, it must stay with that item at all times.
5. Anytime you use a perk or special ability, just shout ‘SPECIAL’ to alert others that you are doing something that bends the rules.


1. There are three types of items; Small items, quest items and large items. Small items are anything found in the wasteland that fits in your backpack and does not have a tag. Quest items come with a tag describing the item, it’s story and instructions. Large items are any items that you can’t fit in your pack and does not have a tag.
2. Small items have no limit to how many can be carried. They cannot be dropped and must be sold, traded or stolen to get rid of them.
3. Quest items also cannot be dropped and must be sold, traded or stolen to get rid of them.
4. When a quest item is found, read the tag it comes with. Follow the instructions on the tag. Wear the tag around your neck for as long as you are in possession of the item. When you pass it on, the tag must stay with the item.
5. Only one regular quest item can be carried at a time unless otherwise specified on the card.
6. Some items may have special instructions, such as curses, that trump other instructions or rules. Always follow the instructions on the tag.
7. Only if absolutely necessary, another player may need to read the tag for your item to clarify its effects. If this is required, cover up the item name and show them the instructions at the bottom of the card.
8. Large items do not count as quest items but only one can be carried at a time. If shot while carrying one, you must drop it and head back to respawn.


1. There are three resources, water(1 litre bottles), food (cans of tomato paste) and drugs(cardboard rolls with a first aid plus on the side).
2. Resources are the easiest way to earn caps in the wasteland.
3. Resources can be traded, stolen, dropped, sold, carried, stored or pretty much used as needed to survive in the wasteland.
4. Please do not tamper with the resources and leave them as they are. For example, do not open the water bottles or damage the food cans.
5. If you are ever killed and confused, just drop a resource on the ground and head back to Respawn.


1. Weapons and ammo can be purchased from the gun runners in the wasteland.
2. Mercy weapons brought by Wastelanders must be preapproved before entering the wasteland.
3. When a weapon is purchased from the gun runners, a confirmation token will be given to the player to trade in at the shack.
4. Only one gun can be carried at a time.
5. Guns cannot be stolen, only traded or sold.
6. However, players can steal confirmation tokens before they are cashed in, as long as they guess the gun type correctly.
7. A kill must be made using a weapon, with ammo expended or a melee weapon touching the other player. There are no mercies. If there is any confusion about who was shot or stabbed first, both parties drop a resource, then head back to Respawn.


1. Caps are the common currency for the wasteland. They can be used to purchase just about anything for the right price.
2. Caps cannot be stolen from another player.
3. Caps should not be dropped on the ground unless directed by a tag or special exception.

Dealing with the bases

1. The four bases are trying to work with you to help you survive. Treat them with respect.
2. Each base needs other resources to prosper. Work with them to make money in the wasteland.
3. Bases can, however be looted and their members killed. Each player is permitted to steal only 1 resource from 1 base each hour. This action resets after each census(explained below). Be warned, base members will remember your misdeeds during future transactions.
4. Only resources can be taken, guns from the gun runners must be left alone, but their resource stash can be looted

The census:

1. Every hour, upon hearing the siren, all players (except the base members) must meet at the trading post.
2. All resources carried must be sold to the local trader for caps.
3. Quest items can still be carried into the next round.
4. Any additional announcements or special rules will be announced at this time.

Special Rules:

1. Medkits(juice boxes) can be used to avoid losing an item. If shot, lift up your juice box in a lofty ‘cheers’ salute. Then drink the juice box, hold it up, then walk back to Respawn.
2. Certain parts of the course contain irradiated straw. This includes the main portion of the barn, and anywhere that has straw spread out on the ground. The area under the hay shed is exempt, as is anything around the round bales. As well, any bags of straw found are also irradiated.
3. Irradiated straw=death. If you touch any straw or bags of straw, you are dead. Drop a resource where you died and head back to Respawn. If an area is heavily irradiated(covered in straw) you cannot enter it. Once again, this includes the main area of the barn.
4. If you notice anyone touching the toxic straw, let them know… they are dead.
5. If at any time you notice a player ‘cheating’ because they are doing something weird (e.g. taking 2 hits before dying or suddenly spawning somewhere randomly) you are to assume it’s because they have a perk. Everyone is playing for fun, so please don’t break the core rules unless a perk or item allows you to and be very flexible with all players. Mistakes will be made and a fair amount of silly things will happen, just go with it and have fun:)

Game type:
The Polluted Prairies is designed to test your diplomacy, bartering skills, intelligence and strategic planning. Violence will be found in the wasteland, but be warned: players come back to life and may do so with a vengeance. Make too many enemies and you will not thrive in the wasteland. This game is intended to be played just for fun, with personal accomplishments and adventurous stories being your reward. Will you choose to be a hero to the citizens of the Polluted Prairies? Or capitalize on its budding economy to become the richest and most powerful of the settlers? How you play is up to you:)

What To Bring(simplified)
1. A large backpack. “The bigger the pack, the bigger the sack”
2. A non perishable food item for the soup kitchen
3.A kill rag or similar red rag to put on your head when you inevitably perish
4. A mercy weapon (wastelanders and lone wanderers will start with their own. Malt sellers can bring one, but will have to purchase it in game)
5. Plenty of fluids for the day.
6. Warm clothes (it will be chilly, but we will also have warmup stations available for use)
7. A cool costume (optional). You are welcome to come as you are, and if you choose to bring a costume you will get bonus caps at the start.
8. A small bag to keep caps in (optional). Will make it easier to make quick transactions.
9. A container or speed loader to store ammo in (optional). Ammo is scarce so you don’t want to lose it.
10. A printed copy of the rules and the what to bring checklist. This will be good to have on hand throughout the game.
11. A note pad and pencil (to help you keep important notes about the game)
12. A cell phone (for optional in game quests and bounties) and a means to protect it during gameplay
13. Money for the bar b q and if any drinks are needed. Old world money will not be used to improve gameplay:p
14. Anything that compliments your costume or makes the game more fun for other players (e.g. a portable radio, juggling balls, snacks to sell for in game currency etc.) Feel free to get creative!
15. An open mind and a sense of adventure:) A lot of the little details have been left out, to allow you to explore and learn from your surroundings. Some things may seem confusing and there may even be nothing to be gleaned from others, but those with a keen eye, a salesman’s spirit, a diplomatic nature and an accurate shot will do quite well in the wasteland!

What Not to Bring

1. Outside airsoft guns or ammo
2. Any form of grenades or other weapons used to kill settlers
3. Anything that would give you an unfair advantage over other players (e.g. a 20 ft mercy weapon or armour that you cant feel or hear yourself being hit) Remember, keep it fair so that everyone can have a good time.