2017 Planned Course Improvements

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out our survey for this coming season. It has given us a lot of insight as to what players want to see, and what we can improve on. With that, I am happy to announce some changes we are planning on making this year.

– In regards to the field, we have decided that during the mid-point of the season, we will take time to move around our movable obstacles, to give the course a different feel for the 2nd half of the season.

– We are also looking at having some games that will go across the field from the town to the silo, thus making the barn more neutral and not as easily defended.

– We are looking into adding a couple of floodlights so that we can run night games more efficiently, as we are looking at occasionally running games late on Saturdays during the summer and have night games when it’s still warm, and gas guns will still function the way they are intended.

– We are also going to be adding more games this year, and fewer straight Team Death Match games. More games with objectives will be introduced. We have a few in mind, but always open to suggestions from our players.

– Most of the people who completed the survey wanted to see safety improved, and this is where we will be focusing a majority of our early season effort. First off, we will have a recorded safety briefing that will be played before the start of games that will be mandatory to listen to. People who miss the briefing will be required to listen to it before they begin play.

– We will also be posting signage at the end of each table in the setup area, and on the admin shed facing the tables to remind players to keep their mags out and no dry firing. We will have signs entering the field that remind players to put on their eyepro, and when coming off to remove their mags and clear their chambers. We are making every effort to make sure these safety rules are fresh in people’s minds at all times.

– We are going to be moving up the test shooting area to the first post behind the hay shed rather than having people parallel to the tables. This will eliminate people walking in the line of fire. This area will be marked off and will be an eye pro-mandatory area. We are also looking into hopefully physically marking the area with a net or tarp to keep BBs from coming back into the admin area for any reason. In addition, there will be a limit of one person at a time using this area, to prevent people from shooting over each other, and as well restricted to being used only when there is not an active game, as to not have people in that area of the field getting shot unintentionally.

– A big issue people had was with enforcement. I know I have a large part to play in that, and I did not perform that task to a satisfactory level last season. I will admit that last year was my first full year of airsoft and was thrust into a management role when Chris got sick, so I did my best, but I did let a fair bit slide when I shouldn’t have, and my lack of experience showed. However this year I will be doing a lot more enforcement of safety rules, especially in safe zones, and we will have a more direct level of consequences for players who continue to ignore the rules, especially with the extra signage, ignorance will no longer be tolerated as an excuse for these infractions. I will also be asking someone with experience reffing games to teach me the ins and outs, and I will be more active on the field as well watching for infractions in both gameplay and safety.

– In regards to open times, we have decided to keep them free admission, as it has worked the past season and a half. However, we will be setting up a donation box, and all donations will be going into a separate Course Improvement Fund, with us using the money to fund improvements for the course. Players can put in whatever amount they would like, and there will be suggestion slips for them to suggest things we can fund at Ambush Anonymous. We will view all suggestions, and pick the ones that are the most feasible, and hopefully continuously be improving the course throughout the year and beyond.

Thank you once again for helping us with your input, and I hope these improvements to Ambush Anonymous will get you excited to come out in 2017, I hope to see a lot of you out on Saturday to play in the snow!

– Lastly, we will definitely be stocking more heavier BBs this season, making sure we keep supply on 0.28g and 0.30g BBs at all times. We will also NOT be going with Valken again, as we had a few problems with them last season, and it didn’t make sense to continue carrying that brand.

Thank you once again for helping us with your input, and I hope these improvements to Ambush Anonymous will get you excited to come out in 2017!